Best New Trailers from the VGA

Last night he VGA aired on Spike, and has become a nice event between E3 for studios to release new trailers. I am covering a few of the “Best” ones....

Last night he VGA aired on Spike, and has become a nice event between E3 for studios to release new trailers. I am covering a few of the “Best” ones. Either because they were very nice to look at, or a premiere trailer to a game I didn’t know about. There are other interesting ones of course like :

Original Tony Hawk Remake (Didn’t know people were crying for this). Amazing Spider Man (Which has nothing to do with new movie?). Alan Wake sequel (Very underrated game). Bioshock Infinite (Looks awesome… but nothing new to this Trailer). Mass Effect 3 (Is this even an RPG anymore?).

Metal Gear Rising:  Revengeance wins the award for most fucking outrageous trailer. I want people to watch it, and linking it here… but it is not deserving of the “Best of” category that will go below. Revenge with a Vengeance? What the hell does that even mean? Produced by Kojima studios… obviously not made by them.

But below is the best in my opinion. Enjoy!
Command & Conquer: Generals 2
Bioware created a new studio and that studio is using the EA “synergy” here. Using the Frostbite 2 engine created for Battlefield 3, C&C: Generals 2 is an RTS game using one of the most destructible and beautiful FPS engines out there. Could be awesome.
Rainbow 6: Patriots
Rainbow 6, among many other games, are coming back after a slight hiatus and going in a somewhat new direction. The last few games, the Vegas series, did not do it for me personally, but this title seems to be attempting more story telling like a Call of Duty game.
Fortnite is a new IP from Epic (Most popular for the Unreal and Gears of War series). This is a teaser, but here is my guess on how the game will play out. It seems to be a full fledged game based on a recent popular game mode of, build up during the day… defend during the night. Starcraft 2 had a level, and eventually multiplayer map, involving this. It is the main premise of Minecraft, Terraria, and others. Epic started the FPS fad of it in Gears of War 2, which introduced Horde mode, which in some form has now appeared in many top rated shooter games including Halo ODST, Call of Duty and others. Not much has been released on it… but I would gladly do a 4 player co-op of collecting resources, building a base, and defending it through the night.

The Last of Us:

A new game by Naughty Dog and the trailer looks fantastic.  It is hard to tell what the gameplay will be like, but it appears to be a survival horror/action/zombie game. Sure, they aren’t zombies… but I am guessing the conversation went down like this “Zombie games are really fun to play…”  ”There are so many games out now about zombies… let’s make one but instead of zombies, they are mutated humans due to some virus.” “Genius.”
I know that comes off a bit harsh… especially since the cinematic looks awesome… but the cinematic for Dead Island looked like the best thing ever, and the game didn’t completely live up to those expectations. We will learn more… but I have a feeling that Uncharted + Zombies = The Last of Us… and that could be very very awesome.
Diablo 3:
Blizzard has one hell of a cinematic team.  I liked the trailer from Blizzcon slightly more, because while the Storybook view started out amazing, it quickly became a compilation of randomness and jumped into ‘real life’. I don’t know much about Demons… but apparently there can be Shark Demons (50 Seconds into the trailer) which is pretty awesome… just not sure how it fits.
Lastly…  I don’t get why she yells Uncle at the end. Who would do that? Her yelling “No!!!!” or “Uncle Cain!!!”, but just Uncle? Am I the only one that feels it just is out of place? Perhaps it is an American thing… I would never call my Dad Father… so it is a stupid note… but just wondering if anyone feels the same.